A new approach lends to effective training for sharing the Gospel

By December 1, 2003

International (MNN)–OC International is looking to improve how they can effectively impact innerchurch ministry teams.

They try to target entire nations to train and motivate the Christian leaders to aid in evangelism, discipleship and chruch growth.

Spokesman Daniel Oh says he is using life-based mentoring to make an impact. “It is not curriculum-based, but instead approaches churches and organizations to help design a process that would be more effective in their culture.”

Many curriculum have a set agenda and may or may not meet the needs of the community. Life-based mentoring is appropriate culturally and is relevant to meet their specific needs.

Timing is also an issue. The learner/listener approach often works better and is designed to continue the process as they are ready for the next step.

Oh continues to ask God for wisdom as far as what communities he needs to minister in, physical health and strength as well as safety in traveling.

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