A new Bible translation results in first church among tribal group

By September 26, 2007

Brazil (MNN) — Two years ago, it looked as if the Kuhi
Bible translation project in Brazil was finished. The translation team, Jaime and Kyoko Casseb, missionaries with
Missão ALEM of Brazil, was out of funds and faced coming home. 

WordWinds International stepped in and began supporting the
team. WordWinds' Jarrette Allen
explains the thrust of their work. "We do not necessarily send
missionaries, like most organizations do. We come alongside projects and
organizations who are already working in their home fields and their home

Today, with WordWinds' help, Allen says the Cassebs are seeing exciting
progress. "God is beginning,
through the translation of the Word, to reveal Himself in ways to these peoples
that they had no concept of before the translation of the Word. Through this process, they're coming to a
Bible study regularly on Sunday nights, and we're seeing the emergence of the
very first church among these people." 

The possible impact of the New Testament in the Kuhi
language is significant. The translation itself will give more than 400 people
in 4 tribes access to God's Word in their heart language. In addition, a simple
adaptation of the translation will bring the Words of Life to another 600

The team is expected to finish the whole translation in
2015. Allen lays out their need. "Pray that God literally continues to
make Himself known, that God continues to give these people that revelation of
Himself through His Word and through His workings. [People] can go and literally support the
translation of a single verse for $22 (USD), or 31 months for $22 (USD) will
support a whole chapter."

Go to Operation 22 if you can help support this translation

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