A new bus needed for a Christian school in India.

By May 5, 2006

India (MNN)–While India expands anti-conversion laws, there are some groups expanding ministry.

It’s a dangerous proposition for those looking toward Orissa State. The region is home to 50 million people, of whom only two-percent are Christians. It’s also an area known for aggressive enforcement of anti-conversion rules, and where missionary Graham Staines and his two sons were martyred.

According to Worldwide Christian Schools, the state suffers more from poverty, illiteracy, natural disasters and religious oppression than in any other state in India.

WCS’ Scott Vanderkooy says that’s why they launched New Life Mission School in Kesinga. Their goal is providing education for poor and orphaned children.

Response so far has been good, he adds. “There are 50 orphans that attend this school along with 38 children from the community, so a total of 83 kids from the community. Most have a Hindu background.”

What makes this story remarkable is that 50 of the children live in an orphanage two and a half miles away from school. That means that every morning at 6:30, a ribbon of green uniforms can be seen navigating dangerous streets to school.

While that is a blessing, it also presents a new need. Hindu leaders have come to the school administration and posed serious questions about the safety of the children on the journey to and from school. “Right now,” says Vanderkooy, “there’s somewhat of a tentative allowance of the Christian school from the Hindu community. They see a change in the community, they see a change in these children.”

At the same time, it was clear that a new need was emerging. That’s why WCS launched a 34-thousand dollar fundraising effort for a new bus. “We want to keep these kids safe because if a child were to get hurt, we’re afraid the Hindu community there would turn on this school.”

If you’d like to help, go to: http://www.wwcs.org.

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