A new channel is being launched in North America

By November 1, 2013
Contact numbers for viewers' questions and comments. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Contact numbers for viewers’ questions and comments. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

United States (SAT-7/ MNN) Christian Satellite Television Brings Arab Americans ‘A Voice from Home.’

On November 3, 2013 at 10:00 pm EST (7:00 pm PST), SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, will celebrate the launch of its new SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA Arabic language channel with a special LIVE show from Lebanon, hosted by Rita Elmounayer, the Executive Director of SAT-7 Arabic channels.
In addition to 15 million viewers in the Middle East and North Africa, the launch of SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA will make SAT-7 available to a potential audience of 5 million Arabic-speakers living in the United States, Canada and Mexico!

The inspiration for SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA is warmly expressed in the channel’s slogan, “A Voice from Home.” The voices carried over the air will resonate with viewers both as a familiar language from their homelands and as a biblical message from their heavenly home.
During the special LIVE show, Rita will highlight the exciting advances SAT-7 has made over the years. She will also share the vision, goals and values of the channel, a few of which are integrity, cultural awareness, forgiveness, and political sensitivity. Viewers can interact with Rita during the live show – See above for contact numbers viewers can use for their comments and questions.
The LIVE show will also be available to viewers in the Middle East and Europe, but at 4 am CET.
The new channel launch is happily anticipated by viewers and church leaders across North America. A viewer in the state of California says, “There is no doubt that any Christian believer longs for the message of Christ to reach the whole world. In our minds, that is always tied to SAT-7 because…it was the first channel to present this message in the Arabic language to the Arab World.” Rev. Dr. Magdy Girgis of Middle East Ministries, PC-USA adds,”SAT-7 is the pioneer of [Christian] Arabic language satellite channels in the world. It is the mother of all such Arabic TV broadcasting.”
Live streaming of SAT-7’s different channels has been available online throughout the world for several years. However, SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA will now allow Arab viewers in the USA, Canada and Mexico to see the network’s most popular shows on a television set and with a schedule that better suits their time zones. The program lineup will feature Movies, apologetics and documentaries, music, live talk shows and current affairs programing, church services and mega-conferences, teaching programs, and special programming blocks for women and children.

SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA joins the five channels serving the Middle East and North Africa: SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS, SAT-7 KIDS, SAT-7 PLUS and SAT-7 TÜRK.

Look for SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA on Galaxy 19 at 97º West (Frequency 11.867 GHz Vertical, Symbol Rate 22000, FEC ¾). Not sure where to point your satellite dish? Click here. Enter your zip code and Galaxy 19 as the satellite to receive GPS coordinates.
To find out more about SAT-7 NORTH AMERICA, or to give a gift supporting the ministry, visit here.

Pray that many new audiences will receive the Gospel due to this new channel. Pray that these audiences will be blessed by having a channel in their own language, and that SAT-7 would continue to be blessed by growth.

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