A new ministry focuses on technology for evangelism and service

By August 3, 2005

USA (MNN) — There are many organizations out there who plant churches and focus on evangelism. Many Christian agencies use humanitarian aid to open doors for the spread of the Gospel. We also know there are groups who use technology to help in all of these efforts. Today, we’d like to introduce you to an organization that uses technology to provide a service to ministries, but also uses it to reach the lost world for Christ. That organization is U-S based Wide Net International Ministries.

The North Carolina-based ministry opened its doors earlier this year, says Wide Net’s CEO Jason Williamson, to provide world-class technology, consulting, development services to other Christian ministries so they get their mission done cheaper, faster, better. But, that’s not all they do. “The second thing that we’re here for is to use technology and business and leadership education as a platform to reach the professionals, the influencers, the movers and shakers that so often our mission efforts tend to overlook around the world.”

They work with churches, mission agencies, schools and other groups to help with their technology needs. The services range from networking to special programming needs.

It’s all done very inexpensively, says Williamsons, by sending the work overseas. “Our cost structure is incredibly low, but then the funds that we do receive can actually fuel the economic development of believers in that developing nation, while at the same time enabling us to deliver solutions for extremely low pricing models.”

What’s even more exciting, however, is how Wide Net International is leading the lost to Christ through leadership and computer training conferences. “A lot of these people are totally unchurched, they’re unreached. They’re not targeted by the traditional outreach. We have people at the end of (a) conference coming up to us saying, ‘Can we go to someplace to learn more about the Bible?’ After pointing them to a local church, many are coming to Christ.”

Williamson says while funding is always an issue, they have another prayer. “That God will raise up those leaders who have a heart for helping the church get to where it needs to be from a technology perspective and then have hearts of those men and women who have a heart to reach professions and influencers in the world and want to partner with us to do that.”

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