A new ministry to Hispanics in California may pave the way for a national outreach.

By November 12, 2004

USA (MNN)–For many years the Bible League has focused their attentions overseas, but now they are starting a new project that is bringing them back to the United States.

Project Phillip is an evangelism-discipleship program where Scripture is shared and training is done to better equip the saints to share the Gospel with others and in turn lead more people to Christ. The Bible League has an office in Los Angeles that’s under renovation and once it’s up and running they will begin working with area churches and sharing with pastors and laypeople about Project Phillip.

Bible League spokesman Izzy Vega, says there are forty-some-million Hispanics in America and they are looking to minister to the growing international population in the United States, specifically to Hispanic people. One of the largest populations of Hispanic people is centered around Los Angeles. Vega says they hope “Project Philip” sees growth throughout the country and becomes part of an American revival.

Besides California, the Bible League has also set up an office in Miami and are looking to expand into Texas as well. A number of Latin American churches are sending out their own missionaries and the Bible League wants to use the resources and partners they have to assist those who are willing to spread the Gospel message and touch lives.

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