A new warehouse will help ship the Gospel to the world

By November 5, 2007

USA (MNN) — A new warehouse will help a used Bible literature distribution organization provide the Gospel and training materials to the world.

Love Packages has almost completed a building that will double the size of its warehouse to 12,000 square feet. Love Packages' Steve Schmidt says it's an answer to prayer. "The ministry has grown from 600 to almost 900 tons a year, and our facilities have just been groaning at the seams. So we're building a second warehouse right next to the other one."

According to Schmidt, their current warehouse has difficulty handling the five tractor-trailer loads of literature they receive every month. "We have tractor-trailer trucks coming to us from publishing houses. Well, that's a lot of material when you start talking about five tractor-trailer loads of stuff, and you got to have somewhere to put it — somewhere to be able to handle it, work it, and get it ready to ship it out to the different nations."

Schmidt says the number of requests they're getting is overwhelming. "We send over 20 tons of literature every week somewhere in the world. So it's exciting to see that material going to the nations of the earth where it's going to impact lives and hopefully change nations."

The additional warehouse space, Schmidt says, will help them do even more. "Next year, our goal is to ship at least 1,000 tons of literature all around the world."

What's interesting, says Schmidt, is the need continues to increase, and that's why Love Packages needs your help. "Everybody has excess literature just lying around that they don't know what to do with. So if they would just send it to us, we'd put it to good use. There are pastors all over the world that don't have Bibles, and there are churches all over the world that have no Sunday School literature and need materials, and so that's what we do."

Schmidt is asking you to pray that God would provide funding, additional opportunities in even more countries, and the useful resources needed to penetrate hearts with the Gospel.

The 6,000 square foot warehouse addition should be completed this month.

If you have used Christians literature: Bibles, books, Sunday School material, devotionals, etc. Contact Love Packages by clicking here.

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