A pastor and assistant are murdered in Pakistan

By April 12, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — Last week we told you about a translator in a creative access country who was kidnapped. Today, we’re able to give you a little bit more information, but we also have bad news.

According to Sammy Tippit Ministries, Pastor Shamoun Babar, 37 and his driver, Daniel Emanuel, 36, were kidnapped last Wednesday from Peshawar, Pakistan. Babar was one of only a handful of Christians with the ability to translate Christian literature into the Pashtun language of Afghanistan.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit says, “Before there was even time to assess what the situation actually was they were killed. Their bodies were found outside the city. Their car was found outside the city. It appears as though, those who killed him and his helper had bound their hands. It appears there was some torture.”

Since there were only a handful of Christians with the skills to do this work, Tippit isn’t sure what will happen next. “With his loss this could actually shut down the translation work of Christian materials for believers in the Pashtun language — perhaps just shut it down completely.” Since he was working with several groups, all the work will stop.

Tippit says the work that was being done was a great need. “Within the Afghan community, among the Pashtuns, the Daris, the Farsi speakers, the church has been growing since the war took place in Afghanistan and so the need for materials has been really great.”

Prayer for the church is needed right now, says Tippit. “Pray that the church would not be discouraged. They lost a great leader and they don’t have a lot of leaders. So, pray that God would encourage their hearts. And, pray that fear would not grip the church.” Pray also for the families of these two men and that their needs would be met.

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