A pioneer in Bible translation leaves a great legacy.

By June 23, 2005

USA (MNN)–The man who helped millions of people discover they could read and understand Scripture has died at the age of 88.

Dr. Kenneth Taylor passed away June 10, 2005. He was best known for his work on The Living Bible, a paraphrase of Scripture that was embraced by Billy Graham and became the nation’s best-selling book for three years.

Taylor championed the launch of The Seed Company 12 years ago. His passion to get the Bible translated into the languages of the world resulted in a partnership between the Tyndale House Foundation and The Seed Company.

As a result, the Scriptures are now available in the languages spoken by a hundred million people. There are actually over 6,500 languages currently spoken in the world today. The best estimates show there are about 2,700 languages, representing an estimated 380 million people, without access to Scriptures in their language.

The Seed Company is aiming to get the Bible into an additional 1,000 languages by the year 2015, by empowering nationals to do the translation work.

Roy Peterson, President of The Seed Company, stated, “We are honored, humbled and thrilled with the decision to designate memorial gifts to Seed Company translation goals. Ken’s passion for understandable Scriptures for all people moves us to use these gifts in complete alignment with his heart. Of course, it is a natural match as our passion coincides with his.”

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