A proposed amendment to Sri-Lanka’s anti-conversion bill is ruled out.

By January 18, 2005

Sri Lanka (MNN)–There’s good news for believers from Sri Lanka.

Voice of the Martyrs’ Canada reports the country’s Supreme Court has ruled some clauses in the controversial anti-conversion bill as unconstitutional.

The proposed changes were aimed at amending the Constitution prohibiting conversion of Buddhists and binding practicing Buddhists to bring up their children in the same religion.

However, changing the Constitution to allow the amendment would require a two-thirds majority vote in parliament and a nationwide referendum.

The clauses of the Bill were a concern to many believers. They feard that if enacted into law, they would effectively result in religious persecution not only of minorities, but sanction a ‘state religion’.

Pray that Christians, who make up about eight-percent of the population, will continue to be free to worship and spread their faith in Sri Lanka.

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