A radical Muslim nation will be receiving the Gospel.

By November 6, 2003

International (MNN) — Nominal Muslims in a radical Muslim nation will get a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ thanks to an American Evangelist. Sammy Tippit says, “We have just signed an agreement to start broadcasting in a nation that is entirely Muslim and very radical in nature. And so, we will be able to, for six months, we will be able to share the Good News of God’s love in the homes of about 60-million people.”

There are concerns that those responsible for airing the broadcasts will be targets for violence. However, Tippit’s more concerned about something else. “And, that is that we’re going to have such an overwhelming positive response to the Gospel that we won’t be able to handle it.,” says Tippit. He continues saying, “people are very open. They just have never heard to the Good News that God loves them.” He says, “Our messages will be purely evangelistic. They will be in the cultural context and they will be in the language of the people.” He says it could be extraordinary.

Tippit doesn’t seem to be concerned about anti-American sentiment in the region. “When I was in this country previously and preaching, yes, there were those who hated us and wanted to do harm to us and there were those would like to do harm to us. However, I found that most people (were) very gracious and just open to hear the word of God.” He expects thousands to turn to Christ.

In the mean time, Sammy Tippit ministries is raising 30-thousand dollars to help with the satellite costs. Pray that many will respond to this need.

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