A “real-life film teaches children about Christ.

By November 25, 2003

USA (MNN) — After years of cartoons, claymation, and computerization, children can finally learn about the most famous man in history through a real-life, non-animated movie.

From the makers of Jesus Film Project, the most watched (5 billion viewership) and translated (800 languages) film of all time, comes The Story of Jesus for Children, a new English/Spanish DVD release designed for entertainment or instructional use in homes, schools, and churches.

Based on the biblical book of Luke, The Story of Jesus for Children follows the fictional account of a group of children who lived in A.D. 30, the approximate date of the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Like its parent film JESUS, the drama is also shown on film and video across the globe (from mud huts in Africa to former communist town halls in Russia), reaching audiences of all ages through some 42 separate language translations.

“We are thrilled about the DVD release of The Story of Jesus for Children, because for the first time, the life of Jesus is available in a real-life format that children all over the world can easily understand,” said Paul Eshleman, president of The JESUS Film Project –maker of The Story of Jesus for Children.

The Story of Jesus for Children can be ordered by phone (800) 432-1997 or on the web at www.jesusforchildren.org. For media information, contact Karen Dye at (770) 813-0000.

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