A refugee camp fire produces a hero

By April 11, 2013

Thailand (MNN) — When living in a refugee camp, you do not expect to be a hero, but a 13-year-old boy is just that.

Last week, a suspicious fire raged through a refugee camp in Thailand. It claimed 42 lives and destroyed 2,400 homes of Karenni refugees from Burma.

Vision Beyond Borders says Chaa Nay, a 13-year-old Karenni boy, could have easily escaped the fire. Instead, he ignored his parents' pleas and went back to save others from the quickly-burning huts.

Although his actions were heroic, Nay's life now hangs by a thread.

Doctors say that Nay has second- and third-degree burns over 50% of his body. He will be in the burn unit for at least three months, if he doesn't succumb to his burns and the inevitable infections that will result.

Nay has made progress since coming into the hospital, but his prognosis for survival remains at 50%. At this point, the young hero could go either way.

To give Nay the best chance for survival, he needs special food to boost his immune system and fight the infections. He will also need special medicines and treatments to remove the burnt skin. VBB is helping with the funding needed to pay for these treatments. Come alongside their efforts here.

Praise God for this boy's courage! Please ask the Lord to heal him. Pray also for his family, as they came to Thailand as refugees and do not have any travel documents: this means they're not allowed to visit their son in the hospital. Pray that they will get permission soon.

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