A refugee finds hope in Hungary

By December 17, 2015
PNS_refugees in hungary

Hungary (PIONEERS) — In the 12+ years “Victoria” lived in Hungary, she had never seen such desperation and chaos.

PNS_hungary train station refugees

This train station in Budapest, Hungary, became a temporary refugee camp for Syrians, Iraqis, and others trying to travel to Western Europe.
(Photo, caption courtesy PIONEERS)

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis, and other refugees arrived en masse at Hungarian borders, bus depots, and train stations.

The crowds of hungry, tired migrants set their eyes on the safety of Western Europe, and Hungary stands between them and their longed-for sanctuary.

Children roamed the sidewalks as their parents sat on cardboard and flattened mattress pads. Young men read graffiti from other travelers written on the walls. All awaited the next leg of their journey. Would it be by bus, train, or perhaps another tiring day on foot while being exposed to the rain and cold?

One day at the station, Victoria and her coworkers noticed a woman sleeping at the base of a stairwell in the overcrowded train station, now operating as a makeshift migrant camp. As they started a conversation, they learned the woman was sick, pregnant, and unsure of when she would be able to leave. Without blankets or a jacket, another bitterly cold Hungarian night seemed impossible to endure.

Victoria, having seen God work one miracle after another for these migrants, listened and offered to pray for her in Jesus’ name. The woman gladly accepted the prayer, grateful that someone would care enough to sit and listen to her story.

Five minutes later, Victoria got a call from a teammate. They had just received a cash donation from some friends and used it to buy sleeping bags for the refugees. They bought hundreds. Victoria was shocked. Her teammates could not have known she had prayed only minutes earlier for this exact need!

PNS_refugees in hungary2

Refugees wait to board a bus in Hungary.
(Photo courtesy PIONEERS)

Victoria returned to the station and found the woman. Her eyes lit up as she saw the sleeping bag. Of all the people struggling through this crisis, God specifically heard her prayer and provided both healing and a sleeping bag. She shared her gratitude.

This is only one of countless stories of how God is revealing Himself and His goodness in spite of a truly terrible situation. Click here to view the photo essay of the refugees Victoria and her teammates met.

Would you like to get involved in our efforts to provide care and hope to refugees? Learn more by viewing the PIONEERS Victims of War Project.

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