Calamities in Iran see many Iranians looking for Jesus Christ

By May 12, 2020

Iran (MNN) — Iran suffers one calamity after another, but many Iranians are seeking Christ and even seeing visions of a “man in white.”

The city of Abadan in Iran has been placed under lockdown after a spike of COVID-19 cases. Leaders claimed people were not following social distancing rules.

COVID-19 hit Iran hard, but the country has slowly started opening back up. Still, Iran faces many challenges. U.S. Sanctions during the quarantine have hurt recovery efforts, and an earthquake hit the country Friday, causing many to leave their homes and mingle in the streets.

Reza* with Global Catalytic Ministries points out that Iran suffered the killing of a military leader earlier this year, as well as a locust plague. On Sunday, a military training accident sunk a ship and killed 19 Iranians. “Everyone sees this as God’s judgment on the country, and everyone’s waiting for something even worse to happen because it’s been non-stop.”

The city of Abadan, which had been locked down after a COVID-19 spike. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Even COVID-19 numbers have been underreported. As a result, Iranians do not trust their government and live in fear of more judgment from God.

Iranians coming to Christ

Reza says the ministries he contacts have seen many people come to Christ, and interact with the Church over the internet. “They’re looking for answers outside of Islam. And right now . . . as they’re saying, there’s a second wave of the coronavirus. I could say there’s a new wave of people coming to Jesus because of all the events that have happened.”

The ministry doesn’t end at conversion. Reza says, “The Church of Iran has been able to stand its ground for so long because they have such an emphasis on discipleship.” The Church ministers to new Christians, equipping them to eventually lead small groups themselves.

Reza says all of these events converging on Iran is no coincidence. He asks Christians to pray that the dark powers of evil in Iran would be defeated by Christ. “Imagine,” he says, “the most radical nation in the world, exporting radical Islam, [becoming] a Christian nation.”

A Night of Power celebration. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Visions of Jesus

While global news from Iran focuses on the tragedies happening there, Reza says many people in Iran have seen visions of “the man in white:” Jesus Himself.

Reza encourages Christians to pray for the people of Iran during Ramadan, especially the Night of Power, which marks the anniversary of Allah revealing the Quran to Mohammed.

Reza says, “[Pray] Jesus in the flesh comes and sees them. They’re expecting this. There’s such a high expectation that something spiritual will happen, something supernatural. We must pray for this night, that people will see the Man in white, who is Jesus.”



*Name changed for security purposes.

(Photo courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries on Facebook)

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