A simple gift goes a long way in Haiti

By January 15, 2016

Haiti (MNN) — For roughly 40 years, For Haiti With Love has given free care to burn victims, the homeless, and children who are the “poorest of the poor.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love via Facebook)

For Haiti with Love co-founder Eva DeHart explains that their 24/7-burn clinic is the main focus. Because of poor living conditions and a lot of open flames, burns are the result of a number of cases. Babies and full-grown adults have been brought into the clinic after being completely covered in burns. DeHart shares that one current patient costs $52 every day because of the rough condition he’s in.

Yet, For Haiti’s nurses have saved lives and rehabilitated people back to health for free.

“Burns can get very expensive; and we don’t allow them [patients] to pay anything. They are told that Jesus paid the price for their healing.” Because burns take time to heal, relationships are built over the months patients come in. DeHart says For Haiti takes advantage of this to tell them about Jesus’s love and sacrifice.

In the clinic, For Haiti includes a supplemental food pantry so patients can get nutrition and become stronger.

Outside of the clinic, For Haiti’s concentration goes to the homeless and to poor children.

DeHart says as money permits, homes are built for the homeless. But annually, For Haiti hosts a Christmas Day party for children. Efforts for the celebration start in August with an auction to raise funds.

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love via Facebook)

With the fundraising money, the children “get clothing, they get school supplies. They get hygiene kits. And then they also get brand new toys…. That’s sort of stepping out of their culture a little bit because their celebration of Christmas is to go to church, and they do that on Christmas Eve. So our party for the children has been focused on elevating the poor children.”

But perhaps the most exciting gift for the children is the food they get to eat at the party and the leftovers they can take home and share with their family. In this way, the love can travel back to kids’ homes and continue spreading by touching parents as well.

It’s amazing how a simple gift can go such a long way.

“This year was really special because we got a copy of the JESUS film children’s version in Haitian Creole.… The kids were very impressed.” DeHart says For Haiti took time to explain the meaning behind the video and then celebrated Jesus’ birthday by sharing the gifts from sponsors and donors.

Give praise to God for all the provisions, healings, and hearts that have come to Christ over the last year. And, if you want to help with provisions in 2016, click here. Also, you can check out photos and updates of burn victims in For Haiti’s clinic at their Facebook page.

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