A small investiment in a Liberian student’s future yields a new church.

By September 27, 2005

Liberia (MNN)–Several years ago, Back to the Bible helped a Liberian student stay in school by granting a scholarship from the International Scholarship Fund.

The fund was established because leadership training is a critical need for the church. The program is designed to help meet the need outside of North America by assisting needy, qualified students studying to serve as pastors, teachers and leaders among their own people.

As a result, when he finished his education, he and his family moved to Minnesota to serve as missionaries.

They planted a new church among thousands of Liberians who had migrated there due to Liberia’s civil war.
The congregation recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with the dedication of new land where the facility will be built.

The average cost for a Back to the Bible scholarship is $250. This generally covers about half of the total cost for one student outside the western world to attend Bible school.

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