A team commits to a two-year ministry to French-speaking Africa.

By October 5, 2005

Cameroon (MNN)–Cameroon is a country with a largely literate population overall.

But in the areas where there is little access to education, the literacy rate falls dramatically. Wycliffe Bible Translators is using this need as an opportunity for outreach.

Those in the outlying areas nearest the Nigeria-Cameroon border have a literacy rate of about one percent. That also makes economics a challenge in the area. AIDS and alcoholism are two major threats. Morale is often low.

It’s the perfect backdrop against which to share the hope of Christ. Wycliffe Bible Translators has introduced a new project to promote literacy in French-speaking Africa.

The program, called ‘Prom’ alpha’ involves a French-speaking team of six who will spend the next two years in Cameroon. The team hails from Switzerland, France and Taiwan.

Their job is to work in literacy and Scripture use among the Mambila and Kwanja peoples. The Mambila New Testament was distributed several years ago, while the Kwanja people will receive theirs early in 2006.

Pray that their efforts to promote the use and knowledge of the Bible will create a local initiative. Teams hope to have one in place which will continue after they leave in 2007.

They’re also hoping for good contacts and collaboration with the Mambila and Kwanja people. Along those lines, they’re hoping that with the success of this project, more people in Francophone Europe will be interested in helping Wycliffe.

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