A traveling missionary’s essential tool

By January 5, 2023

Africa (MNN) — Traveling from village to village, Christian missionaries across Africa are sharing the love of Jesus with an essential tool.

When these traveling evangelists depart, they don’t leave the new believers and the “Gospel curious” empty-handed. Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press are distributed to stay and keep touching hearts and lives.

World Missionary Press is the literature supplier for a ministry partner in several African countries for Gospel outreach. Believers in connection with the ministry visit villages in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and several other African countries, equipped to share God’s Word in these well-organized Scripture booklets.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press says of their ministry partner, “This ministry has a lot of new directors…. These young men are alive, enthused, eager, aware, and bright. They are just ready to go!”

Williams recently spoke with one ministry director from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

“Because of the literature, he can send his people out for days and days and days. They can go to a village and then they can leave literature. Then they can go to the next village and leave literature…. Then on their way back or at another time, [they] trace back through that and see the work that the literature has done in hearts,” Williams says.

“The work is still being done within the village through the literature even though the evangelist or the team member cannot stay in that village. If they stay in that village then they can’t get to the next ones. But the literature stays, and the literature does the work. The Holy Spirit does the work through the Word. He said, ‘We’re reaching into rural areas that we couldn’t reach before.’”

These traveling evangelists can always use more Scripture booklets, and World Missionary Press keeps them supplied.

“The booklets are changing lives! He has testimonies about witch doctors coming to Christ from The Way to God, and a woman who received the Who Am I booklet and how it changed her life.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

The literature from World Missionary Press is also useful in areas where Christian persecution is severe and sharing the Gospel can be dangerous. Distributing a small Scripture booklet can sometimes be easier and draw less attention than hosting a gathering to preach.

You can learn more about World Missionary Press and their Scripture booklets here.

“For those [who] support World Missionary Press either through prayer or through finances or volunteering, your work is not in vain,” Williams says. “The Lord is working in Africa, and He is using His Word. We could not do what we do without those that support us. We are just part of the chain, but they are so grateful, and so are we.”

Pray for the believers who are reaching remote and isolated areas of Africa with Scripture booklets — that their work would bear fruit, and that millions of people would have relationships with Jesus Christ.






Header photo courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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