A true servant’s heart brings Hope

By February 24, 2009

Madagascar (MNN) — OneHope (formerly Book of Hope) has reached thousands of children with the Gospel in Madagascar with the help of books, a film and one important woman.

"God sent us this amazing young lady," says OneHope's Jacques van Bommel. "She's got such a heart for the children of that nation."

This woman, Gladys, is known by most of the children in Madagascar. She runs a TV program and has created a sports outreach. Gladys has been working with OneHope to share the Gospel with the children she reaches. She has affected so many children already that she is constantly asking for more materials to share, including Book of Hope booklets as well as the OneHope film about the love of Christ, The GodMan.

"The book that we have is basically a book that caters to children who have very low literacy," says van Bommel. "It's got a lot of pictures, it tells the life and story of Christ, and it's linked with the movie we show, The GodMan. The children are constantly being reminded that they could also share the story and tell the story with other children in the community."

Gladys has been encouraging children to do so and has already distributed hundreds of books on her own. "I think since the 15th of January when they had their first outreach of the year, our records indicate she's shown more than 130,000 children being reached with the books, and about 66,000 to 67,000 children have actually seen The GodMan,"reports van Bommel.

Gladys is committed to seeing the transformation of these kids' lives through behavioral changes and true commitments to the Lord. She is so passionate about the vision God has given her that low funding has not slowed her down. In light of financial disadvantages, Gladys explained to OneHope that she would continue to work without a salary for the next two months in order to continue reaching large numbers of children with the Gospel.

According to van Bommel, one dollar reaches about three children with the Gospel. Funding is needed to feed the children of Madagascar, both spiritually and physically. Gladys is working tirelessly to do all she can through OneHope.

If you can help to continue the work that Gladys has begun in Madagascar through OneHope, click here.

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