A way to add some uniqueness to spring break

By March 19, 2013

International (MNN) — Are you trying to make this spring break more interesting for yourself or your kids? Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India has a great way for the whole family to make this spring break a little more exciting–oh, and educational!

My Passport to India is a 10-video virtual tour of India, connecting kids from other countries with everyday life in India. "This is a great opportunity for families to dive into something a little bit different and to explore another part of the world, while having a lot of fun. It's a great way to spend your spring break in a meaningful way and to participate in the great commission," says Lindsay Ackerman of Mission India.

The online tour is not just for children, says Ackerman. It's for "families, home schoolers, Bible studies, Sunday school groups: it's really perfect for all those types of people. Doing it on your own is a great thing.

"My Passport to India was designed to help engage families in understanding how they can be a part of God reaching our world with the Gospel."

The goal of My Passport to India is to show people what it is truly like to live in India. "It's hard for kids to wrap their minds around what life is like for India's kids. And we wanted them to truly see what life is like," Ackerman explains. "The videos are short, fun, engaging, and a great way for families to truly experience India in a really unique way."

During your virtual tour, you will be able to check out trains, learn great Indian recipes, see the local clothes, meet new people, and participate in many activities. There is, however, something you can be doing for the kids in India as you learn about their culture. Ackerman explains, "During the trip, we encourage you to fill a suitcase with loose change for India. And as you put quarters and dimes and dollars in there, you can reach another child with every dollar that you save."

The money that is received from these suitcases will allow children in India to participate in a Children's Bible club. It only costs $1 to send a child to one of these clubs. Sending just one person to a children's Bible Club could mean eternal life, but a lot of kids involved with My Passport to India have found ways to sponsor many more than just one kid.

"Perhaps you will reach 5 kids, 20 kids," says Ackerman. "We've had kids that have been very ambitious and have raised $100.00!"

It only takes 45 seconds to sign-up to receive your starter kit. "It includes a little passport, with activities to do along the way, and a small suitcase that you can save that loose change in. Then you can get started on your journey right away…. It's all at your own pace."

To find out more and learn how you can request your starter kit, visit Mission India's Facebook page by clicking here–look for the "My Passport to India" tab at the top of the page.

Right now in India, people are being trained to teach Children's Bible Clubs. Pray that they will learn quickly and be effective in sharing the Gospel with children in India. Also pray that parents will allow their children to join the clubs.

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