A well of water and Jesus

By October 8, 2015

GAiN World Water daySouth Sudan (MNN) — Global Aid Network (GAIN) has been working on a drilling project in South Sudan to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of the people. On October 2, three wells were finished in one of these communities.

Only one well was planned. Just before the project began the community leaders “raised a concern that the population is so big that one well will not be enough to serve the whole community.” The team leader, Gabriel responded by encouraging the leaders to be thankful for this one well and that God will provide the others.

Sure enough, God provided. After the first well was finished, the organization who drilled it was brought in to see the difference their work made. What they saw were people full of joy and hope. They finally had access to fresh water.

After this, the organization decided to dig two more wells free so the community could have what it needed.

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

At the digging of each well, the staff of the GAIN team showed viewings of the JESUS film.This resulted in over 1,000 people coming to Christ out of over 2,000 who came to the viewings. Talk about an act of God!

The GAIN staff responsible for orchestrating the well building is now moving on to other villages to bring both the Gospel and fresh water for many hurting people.

Please be praying for the provision and protection of the staff working in South Sudan. Also pray for these projects to open more doors to share the hope and Gospel of Christ.


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