A witness in the dark, now the world

By January 11, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — On January 12, 2010 Dan Woolley with Compassion International was just getting back to the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when his world changed forever. You probably read his story. For 65 hours, he was trapped under the rubble of the hotel wondering if he'd ever make it out alive.

Immediately after the collapse, Woolley made his way to the elevator shaft. It was there he discovered that he wasn't alone. God was there, and so was Lukson Mondezier, a hotel employee. "We ended up really encouraging each other in the dark."

But it was more than that. As Woolley talked with him, he realized Lukson didn't know Christ. "So I spoke to him about the difference Christ made in my life, and he asked Christ into his heart. It was just amazing to know that God would choose to use me in that important time in his life."

What Woolley didn't know is the amazing opportunities he'd have to share his faith on an international platform. He's had network interviews on both radio and television. Newspapers have interviewed him. He's even written a book.

"For me, there was an opportunity to witness in the dark. And [I'm grateful] that God chose to use me in that way. After that, there was a wider stage that I didn't expect. I have a little bit of a dramatic story, but God wants us all to testify to His goodness in our lives. It's just a matter of what does that look like for us."

Woolley and Mondezier reunited at the ruins of Hotel Montana. Woolley and Mondezier embraced, answered questions from the press, and reminisced about their ordeal. At one point Woolley fell to his knees and prayed at the approximate spot of his incredible rescue.

Today (January 11), Woolley releases his book, "Unshaken–Rising From the Ruins of Haiti's Hotel Montana." "It's all in there. It's a story of my survival, of very close brushes with death, of the kinds of things I had to do to survive, but also signs of God in the midst of all those challenges."

This week MNN's Greg Yoder is traveling with Compassion International for the "Remember Haiti with Compassion" campaign. While Woolley's story is miraculous, there are many Haitians who continue to struggle as they live in the rubble around them. Many children are orphaned. Parents are having a difficult time providing for their children. Haitians need help.

For $38 a month, you can sponsor a child. The funding you provide helps them not only get the food, medicine and schooling they need, but because they work through the local church they also hear the Gospel.

To Remember Haiti with Compassion, click here.

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