A year after their arrests, Bible club workers still mired in India’s courts

By August 27, 2010

India (MNN) — It has been a year since we
first reported the arrest of a group of Christians in India's Karnataka

On this date last year,
Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission
first told us of an attack by Hindu extremists on an 80-person
training session for Children's Bible Clubs.  

The extremists held the
ministry workers for at least 14 hours. When police came, eight of Mission
India's partners were taken into custody under the charge of "deliberate
and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by
insulting its religion or religious beliefs."

Court dates have come and gone, and justices
have delayed the case each time. Most
recently, the case was moved to September 8. 

Mission India President
Dave Stravers says this is not at all the first time that the Indian court
system has postponed a trial or delayed a verdict. In fact, he points out one
case from 1984 which was only recently concluded. 

The ministry training is
critical to the Gospel reaching children in the region. This fall, year-long Children's Bible Clubs will be launched in many communities across

Next month, Mission India will place the order
for printing materials for the
Children's Bible Clubs that will meet in 2011. Materials will be printed in
India's major languages.

Please continue to pray
for the situation as Mission India continues to fight for these charges to be
dismissed. Pray, too, for the Club leaders as they train and prepare their hearts to lead,
and for courage to press forward even when challenges arise.

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