A year long prayer effort is underway for Muslim Maldives

By April 4, 2005

Maldives (MNN) — The Republic of Maldives is an island nation southwest of Sri Lanka. Islam is the only recognized religion. The open practice of all other religions is forbidden. It’s strongly promoted for national unity and preservation of the government’s power. Christians are now praying for the country in a year long prayer effort organized by Back to the Bible.

Back to the Bible’s Sri Lanka country director James Kanaganayagam says they’ve spent a lot of resources to reach Maldives with the Gospel. “Over the last 10 years the Maldives have seen a large increase in resources. But, while the resources have multiplied many fold, real fruit was still lacking. We are trying to mobilize as many Christians as we can in Sri Lanka and overseas to pray every day for the Maldives.”

Kanaganayagam says you can sign up at LoveMaldives.org. “Every day we send a small prayer update. It’s just a three or four line (request) to pray for a certain need in Maldives. It could be a social need. It could be a spiritual need. We also give a short description about the Maldives.”

Through the effort Kanaganayagam is praying that, “The Lord would do something significant in that country, spiritually, to awaken it, that the people would believe.”

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