ABWE and Cornerstone University form joint commission

By January 12, 2007

USA (MNN) — The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism and Cornestone University have formed a joint commission to research the most effective way to train global leaders that will help both organizations in the years to come.

AWBE and Cornerstone University currently partner together in what’s called the Asia Baptist Theological Seminary based in Singapore.

This joint commission will be celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of their partnership, identify the best curriculum and delivery system for theological education in Asia for the future, and recommend strategies for theological education in a rapidly globalizing world culture.

ABTS offers courses in Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. About 250 students from nearly 20 countries are enrolled in the program where they may earn either a Masters of religious Education or a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

President of Cornerstone University Doctor Rex M. Rogers says, “Things are changing. So, what should we do tomorrow to be most efficient and most effective and how we bring Bible instruction in international theological education to those who are in different countries?”

While countries like China seem to be more open for this type of education, Rogers says ABWE and Cornerstone University could have an incredible impact. “If we can prepare people to go in there it’s unbelievable what can happen in terms of salt and light, in terms of evangelization, (and) in terms of the development of the church,” he says.

Accredited theological education is needed in this area of the world as thousands of people are turning to Christ. Without trained leaders, discipleship and further church planting is difficult.

The eight member commission consists of Chair — Dr. Dale Marshfield, (ABWE), Dr. Wyne Haston, (ABWE), Rev. Kent Craig (ABWE), Dr. George Collins (ABWE), Dr. David Livermoore, (CU), Greg Yoder, Mission Network News (CU), Prof. David Kennedy, GRTS (CU) and Dr. Robert Rapa, ABTS.

The joint commission will begin meeting soon and will make recommendations by January 15, 2008.

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