ABWE partners with churches in cyclone relief

By May 28, 2008

Myanmar (MNN) — Representatives from ABWE in Myanmar are planning how best to
help local churches minister to assist cyclone survivors.

They are working with a Baptist church in Yangon and trying to make
contact with Baptist churches in the delta region or Irrawaddy

The roads into the delta region have been destroyed, making
travel to that area impossible. 
Even now, security issues may prevent local believers from
traveling to the delta.  

"Our friends and partners in Myanmar are not sure that they
could even get into the delta region themselves. Whatever relief work is done
will be done low-key and low profile, so as not to attract attention from the
government. They said they will do relief work diligently but with less
publicity," ABWE representatives report.

ABWE would like to help the Yangon
church and its outreach village in several ways. Rebuilding one bamboo thatched-roof house
costs only $250 USD. ABWE may also help
rebuild a seminary and provide medical care and supplies. It may provide child sponsorship for tribal
families struggling to send their children to school. 

Stockpiling staple foods like rice, cooking oil, salt,
beans, and grains will protect local believers from skyrocketing food
prices. Many believers are poor and make
only three dollars per day.  Under normal
conditions, they spend one dollar on food every day. Now, food is going to cost them more than
three dollars per day.

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