ABWE/FBFA partner in missions effort

By January 8, 2007

USA (MNN) — An organization that’s predominately white American and an organization that’s predominately African American, are now partnering together in global missions. The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism and The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association are now putting their kindred spirits together for the cause of Christ, says ABWE’s EC Haskell.

“We feel like the heart of this partnership between our organization and the FBFA is the desire on both of our groups is to model Biblical reconciliation.”

FBFA’s Doctor Allen McFarland says, “All of us know about the past and how segregation and separation divided us in the body of Christ. We feel that African Americans and White Americans need to show forth to the world this oneness that is in the body of Christ.”

Haskell says the partnership will benefit both organizations. From ABWE’s perspective, it makes their sending force more effective. “There are places that they can go that a Caucasian, for example, would never be able to get into. So, we’re thinking that it can be a great association and partnership.”

The partnership will also help AWBE and FBFA be more Biblical in worship and evangelism. “Ideally, when you look at the church of Jesus Christ, it involves every tongue and nation and yet so many times our efforts have been mono-ethnic and we’re concerned about that.”

The two organizations are already talking about where they can partner. Initially, FBFA is already interested in ABWE’s adopt a village program. “They’re really interested in micro-enterprise. They’ve got some businessmen that are interested in promoting that and the local churches adopting a village.”

Pray that God will bless this partnership and that much will be accomplished through it.

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