Access to God’s Word getting harder in China

By April 22, 2024

China (MNN) — Amid increasing difficulties, Christians in China need multiple ways to access God’s Word. 

“You hear good news, and you hear bad news. Some people say, ‘Well, you can get the Bible about anytime you want. Then others will say, ‘We’ve struggled to be able to find the Bible online,’” says Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

But a recent gathering with Chinese pastors left him with this word: “Their take is that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to be able to access Scriptures online.” 

Print or digital copies that can be secured and accessed offline are becoming more and more necessary. 

“Restrictions of websites, the permissions that are sometimes difficult to get, and all of the things that are happening in China make it so much more important to have that Bible that you can tuck under your pillow,” Rovenstine says. 

The work that Bibles for China does is entirely legal within the nation. They have ongoing distribution plans for 2024 and avenues to carry them out. 

“We want to pursue that as aggressively as we can, because we don’t know how long this door is going to stay open,” Rovenstine says.

But the work is hard. They need the prayer support of the Church as their network of partners engages in critical Kingdom work. 

“Whether you live in the West or in Europe, or in the Far East or the Middle East, the enemy is at work against the truth of Scripture and the truth of the one true God,” Rovenstine says. 

“We need to pray for those who are on the frontlines. We need to pray for those who are supporting the work that we do and other missionary organizations do — for those who are seeking and who are lost and who are hurting.”




Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China. 

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