Accreditations Soon to Expire

By March 22, 2007

Russia (MNN) — All Russian accreditations will expire for U-S adoption agencies mid-April. 

Bethany Christian Services
currently has two long-standing relationships with accredited Russian adoption agencies.

Bethany Christian Services reports that there are only three remaining agencies with valid accreditation in the U-S, as of March 2.  It is uncertain how long the process of
re-accreditation will take, but they estimate two to three months.  The earliest their accreditations will be renewed is April. 

Only a few families have been accepted for adoption independently, or without an accredited agency.  One family will soon be traveling to St. Petersburg to adopt older siblings. 

Many other families have inquired about the possibility of adopting independently.  There are few regions in Russia that are open to this, and the ones that are prefer to work with European
government agencies.  However, Bethany said if independent adoption is an option for now they will definitely do it.

Please pray that the re-accreditation process goes smoothly and quickly so that adoption processes can continue as usual.

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