Across the generations, the Chinese Church is strengthened

By January 26, 2024

China (MNN) — In the face of increased government pressure and restrictions, younger Christians in China can learn from the older generation how to respond.

Erik Burklin with China Partner says, “I think overall it will be a challenge as the Church in China continues to figure out, ‘How do we minister in this current environment of more restrictions, of the sanitization of the government, of Xi Jinping wanting to be more in control of things, in control of religion?’”

Titus 2 directs believers to teach the next generation how to live godly lives. In China, older Christians have known times of intense government crackdowns, and they have wisdom to share for the challenges facing young pastors.

“I’ll never forget one comment that I got from a pastor who said, ‘[Young people would] make more money being a taxi driver than they would to attend a Bible school and become a pastor of a local church,” says Burklin.

Photo Courtesy of China Partner

“[This pastor] was concerned that economically things were moving forward so quickly that it was leaving behind genuine Christians who would like to go into ministry, but then for practical reasons, are choosing not to do so because they need to provide for their families.”

Even with the financial pressure of ministry, Burklin remembers seeing photos of young Bible school graduates from summer 2023, many of whom are now serving in church leadership.

“Ultimately,” says Burklin, “the Church will continue to be built in China. There’s going to be faithful individuals that will keep preaching, keep equipping the next generation for church ministry and so forth.”

Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” Ask God to call still more young pastors and connect them with Christian mentors who will strengthen them as leaders for the future.

“Pray for the Church in general, that they would not be fearful of the current push for more control, that the Church would stay faithful to the Lord during this time.”

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Header photo courtesy of China Partner.

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