ACSI Indonesia sees challenges but encouragements also.

By November 25, 2004

Indonesia (MNN) — Religious violence has been the cause of churches and Christian schools closing across Indonesia. And Islamic extremist groups are attempting to close down more.

The Association of Christian Schools International has partnered with Christian schools in Indonesia to provide more effective education and resources.

Ishak Wonohadidjojo is with ACSI Indonesia. He discussed some of the challenges of working in a Muslim-dominated country, “It’s hard to find Christian teachers. And that is why we want to encourage young people to go [in]to education. And we want to empower them through some programs that we have prepared through ACSI Indonesia.”

Recent laws have also brought challenges to the schools’ effectiveness as leaders have been required to hire non-Christian teachers and teach various religions. Yet the schools are staying faithful to the Gospel and Christian teachers in all subjects are beginning to realize the importance of bringing the Gospel into every classroom subject.

Despite restrictive laws, changing leadership and religious unrest in the country, many students have come to know Christ in the schools. The government is taking notice, with varied responses.

But Wonohadidjojo is encouraged, “Christian schools in Indonesia now become a place or opportunity for us to transmit our Christian values. And when the [students] ask ‘Why [are you] so kind to me?’ that’s the time we can share the gospel.”

Pray for Christians in Indonesia, for the continued impact of Christian schools, and for encouragement in the midst of persecution and tension.

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