Adoption Airfare is breaking through barricades of expensive mission flights

By August 20, 2015
(Photo courtesy Adoption Airfare via Facebook. Tabitha Lovell finalizes adoption of her stepdaughter)

Ken and Tabitha Lovell finalize adoption of their daughter.
(Photo courtesy Adoption Airfare via Facebook.)

International (MNN) — Mission trips and adoptions are opportunities to see God work in multiple ways. But often, expensive airfares can be a hurdle, keeping people from moving forward or even starting their journey.

That’s why Adoption Airfare is working hard to book flights, making travel easier and less stressful.

“We are a Christian travel agency for adopting families, and also for missionaries [and] mission teams,” explains Tabitha Lovell, co-owner of Adoption Airfare.

“We’re there to serve families and pray for our families, laugh with our families, cry with them. In a sense, we’re all over the world at any given moment, just thinking about where the families are and just serving them and praying for them throughout their adoption process.”

Lovell says Adoption Airfare travel agents are excited to serve and see their jobs as ministry work rather than business.

They work with major airlines like Delta and KLM to find discounts, cheap tickets, and special flights that allow extra baggage. The ministry is also able to provide humanitarian airfare and waive penalties if flights need to be changed.

But their main purpose is to reflect the Love of God and share the Gospel.

While most clients are Christian, there are a select few that aren’t, which is why staff members like to take the chance to talk about the Good News and how adoption is a blessing in the eyes of God.

“I know that God has a heart for the orphan child,” Lovell says.

“There’s a huge orphan crisis out there. And there are over 100 million orphans worldwide. We [Adoption Airfare] have the huge blessing and privilege to be able to serve some of these families with their international adoption travel. It’s just been so amazing to see how God has answered prayers on behalf of these families.”

Just last week, a family booked on an adoption trip in Hong Kong couldn’t get on their original flight because of a typhoon. With lots of prayer and effort, an Adoption Airfare travel agent was not only able to get them a better flight, but he was also able to get them home 6 hours ahead of schedule.

Another family who was heading to China felt overwhelmed and was nervous about flight prices which had skyrocketed. Travel agent, Katie, prayed with the family that God would give them peace and help in finding the right flight. After much prayer, Katie was able to secure three seats with lower prices.

“It was like God provided the exact flights that He wanted for this family when we asked Him for that,” Lovell says. “I think each family that adopts a child in any way has a testimony behind it.”

One such family is Lovell’s. This past week, she and her husband were able to finalize the adoption of their 14-year-old daughter, Charissa Shalom Lovell.

“Our family has been grafted together, and adoption has been a part of our family’s story personally, which is such a huge blessing to be able to understand some of the dynamics of having children in our family that have come to us through adoption in different ways.

“Every adoption, when it gets completed, is a victory. It’s a testimony of victory of how God knits families together by His hands through adoption.”

Adoption Airfare wants to help you or someone you know who needs help booking the right flight. Start your next journey here!


  • Ruth Chaves says:

    We are presently in Ukraine adopting our son. Interested in how your group works. We have been getting our tickets through Golden Rule but would be interested in your group if you can do any better by us. We are adopting a little boy who has untreated hydrocephalus. We are concerned about our flight back in that our son, though five years old, is unable to lift his head up. He is very small, perhaps the size of a two year old but his head is very large. We are concerned about how to accommodate his need on such a long flight. We live in Vermont but most often travel through Boston however we are thinking that a non stop flight would be better for him and we believe the nearest non stop would be into NY. We anticipate traveling back sometime between the 5th and the 9th of September and leave out of Kiev.

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Ruth, I have forwarded your note to Tabitha at Adoption Airfare. She will get in touch with you soon. Here is a link to their Web site contact page if you have an urgent need: God bless your family!

  • Hello! We are adopting through China….we do not have an exact travel date yet…we know it will be Christmas. I am interested in using your company to help us bring our baby home. Could you please give me details about your company?

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Hi Shannon, You can learn more about Adoption Airfare and get in touch with their director, Tabitha, through their Web site: She will be more than happy to assist you. God bless you and your family!

  • Where are the grandparents in the picture? So unusual not to see them included in an adoption photo.

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