Adoption Grants a Dream Come True for New Forever Families

By May 10, 2016

International (MNN) — Answering God’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children is a reflection of His purpose and His love being lived out in the heart of the Church.

For some, that love is seen through child sponsorship. For others, it is found in serving in some of the most fragile areas of the world.

Image courtesy of Orphan Outreach.

For some, the answer is adoption.

Orphan Outreach has partnered with Joseph’s DreamCoat to make both domestic and international adoption a reality for more families.

According to Rey Diaz, Executive Director of Orphan Outreach, the partnership was the next step in offering a continuum of care for a child. ““When we saw this idea of putting kids in Christian homes – that Joseph’s DreamCoat was doing that – it was a natural fit.”

Together, the ministries will provide adoption grants to families that are committed and faithful Christ-followers – in particular, pastors and ministry leaders who may long for adoption but find the costs to be prohibitive.

The application process is designed to focus on the heart of the family itself, and the process includes finding ways to offer wrap-around care.

Rey shares, “We would see ourselves as coming alongside the family, along with the local church, and wrapping ourselves around this family and providing whatever support they will need.”


(Image courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

The dream of Orphan Outreach is for children to understand God’s love for them, and for all of them to find safety and security in a family setting. Depending upon the needs of the child, that family setting may look traditional or it may look like loving care provided by nurturing caregivers in a residential setting.

For Orphan Outreach and Joseph’s DreamCoat, focusing on what’s in the best interest of the child brings healing. Rey says it best. “Healing happens in the context of relationships, and that relationship I happens best within the context of family.”

Learn more about adoption grants through Joseph’s Dreamcoat and Orphan Outreach, and commit to praying for the new forever families that will be born through the partnership.


  • Kirk Doward says:

    I was wondering if is possible to adopt a young Christian adult from an abusive anti Christian country?

    I know a young girl (25) who risks rape, beatings and perhaps death while trying to live in her country.

    Any ideas?

    Kirk Doward (Canada)

  • Ronne Rock says:

    Adoption requirements and eligibility are set by each country. There are several online resources available to find out what those guidelines are – we encourage you to research the specifics of the country in question.

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