Adoptions are on hold in Guatemala, help is needed to care for orphans left behind.

By September 24, 2003

Guatemala (MNN) — International adoptions are suspended in Guatemala, which is causing many Christian adoption agencies to be concerned.
Buckner Orphan Care International’s Amy Norton says illegal adoptions have become a hot political issue. So, legislation to reinstate these adoptions is on hold. Norton says since the presidential election is scheduled for November, she believes the issue won’t be determined soon. “We’re hearing there’s a 50/50 chance for this legislation to be determined by October. And, if it is not, then it probably will not be decided until after the election, which may mean going into the early part of next year.”

Even though adoptions are on hold, Buckner Orphan Care continues working in Guatemala. Norton says, “Our emphasis is very much on the orphanages and with ministry and programs.”

Norton says they just helped the government renovate and open a baby home for 60 children. But, they’re raising 16-thousand dollars to open another. “The government is in desperate financial shape and there are nearly 400 babies abandoned a month, so there’s a desperate need for housing for these children.”

According to Norton this also causes another problem. They don’t have enough people to care for these children. She says that’s why they’re recruiting volunteers. “We are presently recruiting teams to go on our January shoe trip to Guatemala to deliver shoes and share the Gospel with the children in the orphanages,” says Norton. “We have spring break trips and summer trips as well. So, we would love to have churches or individuals sign up to go down to Guatemala and experience this for themselves.”

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