Adventure and missions collide in “Soul of the Wild”

By April 18, 2022

United States (MNN) — A new podcast from Uncharted Adventures offers a different view of short-term missions.

“The Lord is doing stuff overseas, and He can use you to go out and make a name for Him and bring more people into His kingdom,” a believer we’ll call Josh* says.

“We started this podcast to inspire people to go.”

On the “Soul of the Wild” podcast, Josh and his brother Tommy share incredible tales only God could orchestrate.

“My brother and I have been going to the Middle East, taking teams into all sorts of places in the region. With our decade of travel experience, we’ve had stories from the field and we want to bring those stories to light,” Josh says.

“[For example,] we were chased by ISIS; there was a Bedouin lady that had a vision of us and she wanted to know more about the Gospel.”

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Find your place in the story

Search for “Soul of the Wild” on your favorite podcast provider, or listen on the Uncharted Adventures website. Josh and Tommy started Uncharted Adventures to combine their love of exploration with missions.

“Our slogan is where the Great Commission meets the great outdoors. We run trips into Israel, into Jordan; we’re going to start offering trips to Saudi Arabia,” Josh says.

As you listen to Josh and Tommy on “Soul of the Wild,” ask the Lord if He wants you to step out of your comfort zone.

During a trip to Israel, “you can get off the bus and hike from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee and walk the steps of Christ. Also, along the way, you’re loving on the locals, both the Arabs [and] the Jews,” Josh says.

“We’ve found it’s a very powerful experience for people to come and see the land, the land of the Book, and then meet the people of the land.”


*Name withheld for security purposes.



Header and story image courtesy of Uncharted Adventures.

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