Afghanistan aid decreases as needs skyrocket

By October 6, 2023

Afghanistan (MNN) — Needs are skyrocketing in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, yet international aid continues to decrease. The United Nations’ top political official urges the global community to remain committed.

“I talk to the Taliban ministers all the time, and they are engaged in dialogue…It takes patience, patience, and patience again,” says Roza Otunbayeva, the Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary-General for Afghanistan and Head of the U.N. Assistance Mission in the country, UNAMA.

More than half of Afghanistan’s 42 million people currently need humanitarian aid because they cannot afford or access daily essentials. Winter is coming, and most Afghans don’t have enough food or supplies to survive.

“We have people on the ground [helping] needy people in Afghanistan. We have a great friend doing the medical [aid] and food relief, but we need more,” Heart4Iran partner Shahnaz Ebrahimi says.

“[Our] friend and colleague was crying the other day. He said a neighbor came and knocked on the door” with a desperate request, she continues.

“‘We don’t have flour to make bread. Can you lend us a bowl of the flour [so] we can make bread for tonight? It’s been three days; we didn’t eat anything.’”

(Graphic courtesy VOM USA)

Following the Taliban takeover in 2021, Ebrahimi and her husband Hossein began Ariana Ministries. More about that here. Together with Heart4Iran, these believers ensure Gospel access to Afghans inside the country and worldwide.

In Afghanistan, “secret” Christians take significant risks to help people in utter despair. Believers share the hope of Christ whenever they can. They need your help to keep the work going. Connect with Ariana Ministries to support these endeavors.

“If you have a heart for giving, please connect [with] us, and we can do this together for His kingdom for His glory,” Ebrahimi says.

Most importantly, pray. “Please pray for safety and protection over all the believers inside of Afghanistan,” Ebrahimi says.

“We have believers, [our] sisters and brothers, in jail. Please pray that the Lord opens the door and they can come out quickly.”

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Header image depicts a 2021 aid delivery in Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of Wanman uthmaniyyah/Unsplash)

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