Africa: a needed prayer

By February 16, 2016

Africa (MNN/FCBH) — Faith Comes By Hearing is requesting prayer for all of Africa as the continent faces a new threat.

What’s Happening

Photo Courtesy Geraint Rowland via Flickr

(Photo courtesy Geraint Rowland via Flickr)

Due to the El Niño, many countries in Africa are facing famine this year. Humanitarian agencies have issued warnings of a food crisis, shortage of water, and outbreaks of disease.

Most of East Africa is already stressed in terms of food security, with millions already in need of food assistance and at least 11 million children facing starvation.

BBC reports Ethiopia is facing the worst drought it’s had in decades. Though there is rumor of famine, the Ethiopian embassy claims there’s nothing of the sort, striving to give assurance that the Ethiopian government is doing everything it can to prevent death by starvation.

But it doesn’t look like it’s going to end there. Ethiopia is also being warned, along with other countries such as Somalia, of severe flooding in the drought affected areas.

As Somalia faces these potential floods, it already has three million people in need of aid due to the effects already being felt by El Niño.

The Kenyan government, on the other hand, estimates 2.5 children have been affected by El Niño in the form of floods, landslides, mudslides, and diseases.

Other countries that have already been hit by drought include Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa. Out of these, Malawi children have already been facing undernourishment. Now, in what UNICEF thinks may be the worst drought the country has had in a decade, an increase in severe malnutrition seems certain.

In South Africa, many livestock have died from the drought. To further conserve resources, the South African government has placed water restrictions in various areas.

Pray for Africa

In the face of this huge need, please intercede for Africa through prayer. Please pray that those affected by famine will not only receive bread for their stomachs, but that they will receive the Bread of Life for their salvation.


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