African Christian leaders discuss post-pandemic changes

By September 21, 2023

Ethiopia (MNN) — A recent Gospel gathering in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, equipped African Christian leaders to change their continent.

Believers from more than 50 nations met for the annual Every Home For Christ conference. “Oh my goodness, what a wonderful gathering!” Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says.

“National directors brought their wives; [I] met many [people] that I’ve only talked to by email and phone and WhatsApp.”

In partnership with Every Home For Christ, World Missionary Press supplies Gospel workers across Africa with the tools they need for ministry.

Williams and a co-worker met one-on-one with national leaders at the conference, discussing requests and opportunities. “Between the two of us, we able to sit with each one,” Williams says.

“It was very moving and exciting [to hear] what they’re doing and how their ministries would not be the same without the (Scripture) booklets.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Leaders discussed new techniques and developments and ordered more supplies for the coming year. For example, “Every Home For Christ has always been a house-to-house ministry. The pandemic, of course, created difficulties with that,” Williams says.

“Much of [the new changes involve] having more digital material available to reach people through social media, and to establish [home] groups [that] become churches and congregations with pastoral leadership.”

One Every Home For Christ initiative involved the leaders’ spouses. “Some of them help their husbands with paperwork [while others] help with scheduling and planning; whatever is needed,” Williams says.

“They’re engaged and still have the same responsibilities but feel separated from the work.”

The ministry sought to honor these women and their sacrifices by inviting them to participate in the annual leaders’ conference alongside their husbands. Ladies also found encouragement in each other’s company.

“They’re bound together; it’s a ‘sisterhood’ if I can use that word, and you could sense the unity and enthusiasm for being together,” Williams says.

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“We’re a grace ministry; we don’t charge for anything; we depend on our donors and volunteers,” Williams says.

“We are so grateful for all who pray and give so that we can provide for those willing to go.”




Header and story images courtesy of World Missionary Press.