African educators want to teach from a Biblical perspective

By August 3, 2004

Africa (MNN)–Christian teachers in Africa are wanting to learn how to use the required teaching curriculum but teach it to their students from a Biblical perspective.

Worldwide Christian Schools are working to bring in Christian educators to help instruct the African teachers and also help connect the schools through a network that will allow them to share ideas and be supportive of each other.

Many of the teachers in Africa have gone through a two-year school program to get their teaching certificate but don’t have the opportunity to strengthen their skills. WWCS helps to find Christian teachers in other countries who are willing to come and share their knowledge not only academically but also from a Christian perspective and a point of view that will promote the development of Christian schools.

Networking has helped schools talk to each other about common issues and concerns and how to better teach from a Christian perspective.

Christian teachers and administrators who may be willing to take a sabbatical or come out of retirement are welcome to join them as they instruct African teachers to further share the Gospel through their teaching.

Most find that they in turn are able to bring back to their own classrooms, a cross cultural experience from Africa.

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