African immigrants focus of new outreach

By July 2, 2009

Canada (MNN) — African immigrants have been pouring into Canada for the past 20 years. Estimates put the population at 300,000 just in the major urban areas alone. 

That's a huge population of people who come from African nations where the Gospel could not be openly shared. But Canada allows religious freedom, which means the immigrants may hear about Jesus Christ for the first time.

That's why Africa Inland Mission is focusing on this population for outreach programs. Part of AIM's mission is to reach the unreached people of Africa with the message of
Christ–even if that means staying in Canada to do so. 

According to another news source, African immigrants have the hardest time integrating into the Canadian workforce. In 2006, the unemployment rate of African immigrants was 20.8  — more than 4 times that of Canadian citizens and worse than immigrants from any other nation.    

There is much to do in reaching this unreached population. Pray that AIM will find creative outreach tools that will be effective for their culture.

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