African ministries share the Gospel with World Missionary Press

By March 3, 2023

Africa (MNN) – World Missionary Press has a long history of spreading the Gospel in Africa. Now, they’re doing even more through partnerships with other ministries.

A ministry in Rwanda recently asked WMP for help reaching people in nine other African countries. Helen Williams says, “They want 100,000 this and 100,000 of that. And this is in Swahili and in French and, and Lingala. And they want all this literature.”

The ministry has already been using resources from WMP for years alongside its Rwandan humanitarian and medical services. WMP’s coordinator recommended an ongoing partnership as the ministry looks to expand into other nations.

“He said, I believe this is going to be a good contact for us and going to be a longtime partner reaching another area,” says Williams.

This isn’t the only exciting new African contact. The Evangelical Alliance in the Democratic Republic of Congo requested Scripture booklets to reach 300,000 people. The booklets would support evangelistic outreaches in several areas across their province.

Expanding Gospel Opportunities

WMP is working hard to keep up with these and other requests coming in for the literature. They point to a greater movement of God working in Africa. Williams says, “The Lord seems to be opening up these new opportunities.”

Recently, a donor provided $150,000 to fund literature for Africa. WMP committed to raise another $150,000 this year to match the donor’s gift, for a total of $300,000. Called “The Founder’s Challenge,” the campaign will cover the production and shipping of Scripture booklets four countries: South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Learn more about the Founder’s Challenge and how to support the work on WMP’s website. Gifts of any amount are welcome and make a difference. Pray that believers who have a passion for Africa will join The Founder’s Challenge.

Williams says, “World Missionary Press is expanding, we’re increasing our production, we’ve got our new building, we’ve got our new machinery. There just seems to be this sense of ‘do it now.’ Here’s the people. Here’s the opportunity. Do it now.”


Photos courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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