After-effects of volcanic eruption felt in rural Guatemala

By September 28, 2012

Guatemala (MNN) — Volcano Fuego's activity has subsided in Guatemala, although government authorities are maintaining a "yellow" alert to warn of possible changes in seismic activity. The volcano also remains under permanent observation.

Although the thousands of evacuees have been home for some time already, there are residual issues to be dealt with. According to Paradise Bound Ministries, most of the damage has been caused by heavy ash fall and has contaminated water supplies and even clogged water tubing in some villages.

When MNN first reported this story, Paradise Bound's work in La Reina was out of the danger zone. The village was on the edge of the ash cloud, but residents didn't have to evacuate.

However, Paradise Bound has relationship with other villages through their Mobile Medical Clinics/Outreaches. These villages were in the ash cloud's path. Although the ministry team temporarily lost communications with them, they have since begun responding to the needs expressed.

Since 1997, Paradise Bound Ministries has a comprehensive and growing suite of programs meeting the needs of children, families, and villages for basic sustenance, medical care, and Christian ministry.

The teams provide medical care, pastoral training, discipleship training, rebuilds homes for families, and runs Open Doors Orphanage. It costs $32 a month to sponsor a child there.

Please remain in prayer for Paradise Bound Ministries as they help make repairs and restore communities. Pray for Gospel opportunities, too.

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