After nine years, ministry partners in India acquitted of “forceful conversion” charges

By March 16, 2018

India (MNN) — Nine years ago, eight Mission India partners in Karnataka state were accused of “forceful conversion”. Their accusers were anti-Christian activists who disrupted their Children’s Bible Club, beat the attendees, and burned their Bibles and training materials.

For nearly a decade since then, these ministry partners were made to appear in court almost every month because of these “forceful conversion” charges. The journey was a 12-hour trip for some of them, taking time away from the ministry and their families, only to hear that their case was postponed or changed in some way. During that time, two of the partners died without ever seeing justice.

However, this week, the six ministry partners left are celebrating. They have been acquitted of all charges.

Erik* with Mission India shares, “We got the news this past Monday that the case is won. Our partners are cleared! So we are just overjoyed as a staff on how faithful God has been these nine years. We are ecstatic that the case ruled in our favor.”

“These partners have just been amazing, and God has used that. They have been so humble, despite the persecution and harassment they have experienced. So when they got the ruling, they were just overjoyed. This won’t be hanging over their heads any longer [now] that they have been exonerated.”

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(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

As we rejoice with Mission India and these ministry partners, Erik offers three key things you can pray:

“We just ask for prayer over these partners, that they would be given strength and wisdom, kindness and joy as they go and proclaim the Good News to those in India.

“We pray for the police and everyone that was involved. We pray that God would work through their lives, that they would be touched by this situation, and ultimately they would come to know Him through this situation and that they would use these partners to showcase the love of Christ to them.

“Also, for the work in Karnataka, it’s a hard state to work in and we ask that your listeners come around and pray for that state specifically.”

Finally, you can tangibly come alongside Mission India’s ministry in support. Erik says, “You can go to and give a gift to a Children’s Bible Club or to an Adult Literacy Class or to sponsor a church planter. All three of these programs and bringing the life-changing message of Jesus to states like Karnataka.”


(Header photo courtesy of Mission India)


*Name changed for security purposes.

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