After only a short time with Paradise Bound, Marvin went to be with the Lord

By December 5, 2012

Guatemala (MNN) — Marvin was brought to Paradise Bound Ministries when he was just 3 months old. His father was caught by authorities selling him, which is why Paradise Bound had the privilege of getting to know him. However, the time with Paradise Bound was cut short.

After 10 days with Paradise Bound, Marvin was adjusting well. He was seen by the pediatrician on a Thursday for a monthly checkup, with no problems detected. Friday afternoon, he became ill and was rushed to the hospital. Within hours, he passed away.

The staff is in shock and in mourning. Pray for them as they suffer this loss and journey toward healing.

There will be an investigation by the authorities as one would expect in a situation like this. The relationship between the orphanage, the CAN (governmental authority over orphanages), and the judges is outstanding.

Pray for everyone involved in this situation. Pray for comfort for all who feel the loss of this precious little boy. Pray that God will use this tragedy to magnify the hope of Christ.

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