Aftercare programs meet critical mental health need

By May 24, 2021

USA (MNN) — Pandemic restrictions may be loosening in the United States – here’s a breakdown of regulations by state – but experts warn the mental health crisis is far from over.

Before the pandemic, one in 10 people felt lonely or isolated all or most of the time – feelings associated with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Rates in these categories skyrocketed last year and haven’t gone down since.

When properly administered, medication can help resolve some mental health issues caused by chemical imbalances. In other cases, hurting people need to address spiritual strongholds.  That’s when they can find freedom in Christ with the help of Set Free Ministries.

“We encourage [everyone who] goes through a freedom appointment to join a local church and get involved in the Body of Christ through their local church,” Set Free’s Pete Noor says.

“We try not to take the place of the local church but add to what they might offer.”

Each journey to freedom begins with Scripture, Noor says, and a process outlined by Dr. Neil Anderson. More about that here.

“We want men and women to be walking in deeper freedom because they understand what it means to be in Christ.”

How to be a conqueror in Christ

Just as discipleship helps new believers learn how to follow Christ, aftercare programs help believers understand their identity in Jesus.

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries)

“We see a lot of people who come in here from the Church [and] have no clue who they are in Christ. They’ve not renewed their minds, and the enemy’s taking full advantage of their ignorance,” Set Free Executive Director Dean Vander Mey says.

“Neil Anderson has a great saying: ‘What you believe about your true identity will have more to do with your future behavior than anything else,’” Noor says.

“For instance, a lot of people think we struggle with our old sinful nature, and that’s not scriptural. Scripture says that we are new creations in Christ. We still battle the flesh, but our sinful nature was crucified with Christ.”

Aftercare programs are available in group and individual settings. “A big part of our aftercare is helping people own who they are in Christ, and what walking in [that] identity looks like,” Noor explains.

“We still battle the world, the flesh, and the demonic, but we do so as conquerors in Christ.”

Contact Set Free here and mention this article to learn more.

“We have a group of men that meet who are specifically dealing with issues of lust. We take them through a series dealing with porn addictions. We invite men to the table and say, ‘You have a stronghold here that we want to help you overcome.’ Other groups [meet] for Bible study fellowship,” Vander Mey says, describing some of the current aftercare groups.



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