Ahmed due in court; pray for Friday’s trial

By April 9, 2018

Pakistan (MNN) – Ahmed, a strategically placed co-laborer for the Gospel in Pakistan, is due in court this Friday, April 13 to face blasphemy charges. The judge’s demand for Ahmed to suddenly appear on a set date could be a bad sign. Some suspect it to be a set up for an ambush. If it is, Ahmed could be beaten, imprisoned, or worse.

Words From Pakistan

With an unknown future, Ahmed had some words to share with you:

FMI_Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christians in church. (Photo cred: FMI)

“I’m feeling very [thankful] to all the prayers and support of my brothers and sisters in Christ in the crucial time of persecution. This message could be lost and my voice could be vanished from this earth.

“So, considering it my will also, I would like to say that even though I would not be on this earth, the preaching of the Gospel should continue. I believe that Satan is already defeated and my persecution brings more glory to my Christ.

“I appreciate your support and would like to request [you] to take care of my family later, until the time I meet them in heaven. God bless my dear brothers and sisters, Amen.”

Recently, FMI’s Bruce Allen was in Pakistan for field visits with FMI supported pastors and church planters. While there, Allen had the opportunity to connect with Ahmed in person. Allen says the reason for the April 13 court date is because the hearing had been suspended in the wake of Ahmed’s lawyer’s injuries. In February, Ahmed’s lawyer, Rizvam, was attacked in court by the prosecuting attorney.

“We certainly want to raise up [and] mobilize people to pray for God’s protection of Ahmed and his family, especially with not just the legal trial on these bogus charges of blasphemy, but the fatwa that’s against him,” Allen urges.

He explains that “even if the judge were to say ‘I acquit you, I dismiss all charges, I release you’ people in the street can still kill Ahmed with impunity. So, we’re praying for miraculous intervention here.”

Take Heart, Be Encouraged

Allen recounts how God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites and that the very obstacle which looked like it would keep them from escaping the pharaoh’s grip turned out to be the very method God used to destroy Israel’s enemies.

FMI_Pakistan church group

Pakistan church group (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“We see so many stories in Scripture whether it’s Haman, during the time of Queen Esther, being hung on his own gallows that he wanted to use against God’s people,” Allen explains.

“So we’re praying that God would intervene here as well, not just for Ahmed’s sake and his family’s, but for the sake of His own glory that He would be known as a deliverer, as the one who is sovereign over Pakistan.”

At the moment, despite the dark cloud looming over them, Ahmed and his wife, Amir, are both in good spirits. Still, they are wearing this burden of what could happen to their family in just a few days. But, their faith isn’t in themselves or their capabilities, but Christ’s.

Regardless of what happens in court, there’s still a fatwa against Ahmed, meaning any Pakistani Muslim could take his life and not face punishment.

Be Prayerful, Be Active

Please, pray for Ahmed, his ability to sleep well in these last few days leading up to his hearing, and for a sense of peace in him and his family’s life. Pray also that he’d be able to use these days of freedom to serve God, as well as for those Christians in Pakistan who will continue to conduct ministry even if Ahmed can’t.

And finally, pray for Ahmed’s kids, especially as they watch and listen to what is happening to their father. Pray they won’t give into fear, for them to understand the faith of their parents, and that God would use this period, which the enemy clearly means for evil, to refine these children, strengthen them, and bring them closer to Him.


“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

– Hebrews 13:3


Learn more about Ahmed’s trial and how to come alongside him and his family here!

*Pakistan is fifth on Open Doors USA’s World Watch List (WWL). The WWL is a ranking of the 50 top countries where Christian persecution is most severe.

**Ahmed, Amir, and Rizvam are pseudonyms used for the security and protection of the actual persons.

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