Ahmed’s wife asks for prayers while facing the unknown

By March 29, 2018

Pakistan (MNN) – Ahmed, our Pakistani brother in Christ who’s been strategically placed in the country as a co-laborer for the Gospel, must now appear in court in April. The truth is Ahmed may be attacked when he appears. And in light of possibly losing her husband to prison or death, Ahmed’s wife Amir had some words she wished to share.

Words from Amir

“I am thankful to all the brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying for us. Who stood by us in this difficult time when things are getting more difficult day by day and our spirit is crushed. We are broken due to the increasing tension and fear. Being a mother and wife, I am really worried and sometimes I feel that I couldn’t bear this,” Amir says.


Mosque Lahore in Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

Ahmed has been going through legal trials since November when he was first charged with blasphemy. At the time, the judge hearing his case agreed the evidence brought forth was baseless. Still, the judge stalled and gave the accuser opportunities to bring substantial evidence.

However, after many death threats and with the current religious and political situation in Pakistan, the judge handed the case off to a different judge. Judge number two has a bad reputation in the courtroom and is known for taking bribes.

Pursuing Christ

Still, under his constitutional right, Ahmed has not had to appear in court before his accuser or the judge and has legally continued ministry in Pakistan.

“Being partnered in Christ with Ahmed makes me feel blessed that we are persecuted in the name of Christ. For His mighty name, we are able to face all this situation,” Amir shares.

Pakistan’s society is, as we’ve said before, on a knife’s edge. The rising political party, Tehreek-e-Labaik, often advocates for stricter blasphemy laws and riles crowds up to protest government changes which it claims do not align with a “pure” Islam.

And many people aren’t calming down. On Wednesday two people were killed outside of a Pakistani district judicial complex during an attack. The attack targeted a suspect who was in police custody at the time. Both the assailant and suspect died of injuries from bullet wounds.

It’s these characteristics and incidents within Pakistan’s society which have Ahmed and his family concerned for his safety for the day he is required to appear in court. But, as we approach Easter Sunday, let’s remember the power of the cross, that those who believe in Jesus Christ won’t perish, but have everlasting life– that regardless of what happens to Ahmed on his court day, ultimately, Christ has already won.

Still, pray.

Be Prayerful

“And I request everyone to pray for us so that we can get through it and get more stronger to preach the Gospel. But, sometimes because of the kids, I feel worried as a mother because of Ahmed getting into trouble, being persecuted on trial. I just get more tense as a wife,” Amir explains.

“Please, pray for God’s strength so that we can go forward, keeping our eyes on our Father in heaven only. God bless you.“

And as Bruce Allen with FMI has asked before, let’s pray Psalm 37 over Ahmed. Pray his continued trust and worship of the Lord, for acquittal, and for him to find refuge in Christ.

Pray without ceasing for our brother. Ask God to use this case to glorify himself. Pray for Ahmed, his wife, and their children’s to have peace and encouragement despite the vast unknown future before them.

To learn more about Ahmed’s blasphemy trial and ways to pray, click here.

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