AICC collects First Information Reports from victims of persecution

By November 26, 2008

India (MNN) — Operation Mobilization and the All India Christian Council are working together to care for victims of the "hate campaign" against Christians and Dalits that began three months ago.

50,000 people have been displaced by anti-Christian hate crimes, and extremists now tell Christians that they can only return home if they convert to Hinduism.  As violence has steadily increased, the state and federal governments have done nothing to intervene.

"The events of the last month, not only the anti-Christian attacks but the negligence of government, would be sad if it happened in a dictatorship or a totalitarian regime," commented Dr. Joseph D'souza, president of the AICC, in October. "The fact that it's happening in the world's largest democracy makes it infinitely sadder."

The AICC is now involved in collecting First Information Reports from victims of the attacks. With this information, legal cases will be filed in a court of law. According to Compass News, hundreds of forced conversions to Hinduism have occurred; believers are being forced to drink cow urine in a purification ritual. Hindu extremists have martyred hundreds of believers and burned thousands of Christian establishments, both schools and churches. OM India and the AICC run a refugee camp that houses 4,000 displaced people from 67 villages.

"Basically, our focus right now is those who are able to come out, are coming to the church," said OM's Peter Dance. "We're doing what we can, financially, to take care of [their] needs."

OM is for caring for survivors by providing essential needs such as food, clothing, housing and medicines. The OM team is doing as much as they can to act as the body of Christ, but they face many roadblocks. Their resources are stretched and their focus limited because of the restrictions placed upon them before they even enter an area.

Although the provincial governments claim to have security under control, little or nothing has been done to intervene on behalf of believers. Government aid continues to be scarce, and no steps have been taken to ensure justice for Christian victims. If you can help OM care for traumatized victims, please click here.

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