Aid groups struggle to reach survivors two weeks after Cyclone Mocha

By June 2, 2023

Myanmar (MNN) — Cyclone Mocha tore through Myanmar on May 14, with winds topping 195 miles per hour. Initial reports called Mocha “one of the strongest cyclones on record.”

Today – over two weeks after the storm hit – aid groups struggle to reach people in need.

Cyclone Mocha survivors search through debris.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

“The government has kept any NGOs or relief organizations from coming in. They really don’t care about their people, and they’ve shown that over and over again,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

Although Myanmar’s rulers updated the cyclone’s death toll to 148 this week, “the government initially said 11 people had died. Our leaders [said] as many as 400 perished.”

AMG is equipping its partnering church network in Myanmar to help the most damaged communities.

“They are bringing food, water, hygiene supplies, medicine [to survivors] and trying to find what other things are needed. We are hoping to help more than 500 families,” Dennett says.

“It’s a very dangerous mission. We hope people will pray for them and support this effort.”

The initial feedback from Rakhine state – one of the worst-hit regions – is grim. “It has truly been devastating, and there’s so little in the news about it,” Dennett says.

“National missionaries reported that 80 to 90 percent of the region was damaged or destroyed. Fourteen churches were wiped out, 20 were severely damaged, and people are suffering across the region.”

Support AMG’s relief efforts in Myanmar here. Pray believers will find opportunities to share the Gospel as they deliver aid.

“Our team is motivated by the hope we have in Jesus. That compassion, that love is evident every time they’re out working with those in need,” Dennett says.



Header and story images courtesy of AMG International.